My Technical Background~

I have worked in the information technology field for most of my life.  I never went to college I started working right out of high school.  I started out running cable for a local telecommunications company.  With my passion for learning and lets be honest here, my shite job of running cable I was quickly moved to the ISP that they opened.

I started going out and setting up new user accounts, configuring dialup for them.  When I wasn’t doing that I was doing over the phone tech support.  Being introverted most of my life this was a lot to get used to.  Surprisingly I thought I did pretty well, I had my issues with pushy customers but over all I receive praise not complaints.  As we started growing as a company I started taking on more responsibilities.  I started learning how to add user accounts to our BSD servers.  Having knowledge of DOS commands picking up these basic commands wasn’t too difficult.  During this time I also took some classes on HTML programming and start making websites for small business customers of ours.

I learned during this time I learned that I had a much bigger strength for system administration than creative design.  So I stared to learn as much as I could about the Unix operating system.  This is where I first found Slackware.  Slackware was the first Linux distribution I found that I could successfully install myself and run.  I remember printing out so many how-to’s from the Linux documentation project trying to learn how to set everything up from X11 to dialup.

Since then I slowly worked my way up from desktop support to eventual system administration.  Though all of these positions were in Windows shops I was still working my way up the ladder while continuing to use Linux in my personal life.

I have had some interesting jobs a long the way. Some I have enjoyed others not, but I try to take what I can and learn from it and move on.  I worked for a contractor that made porn websites, I’ve done data entry and tier one internet support for GTE, I was a printer operator at a custom greeting card company where I got to design and make my own wedding invitations, and I have worked for a startup that sold internet service and telco systems to businesses.

After working in this area for so long I have decided to make some major changes and retrain myself.  I am trying to teach myself programming which is what my next post will be about.