Having Bad Night…

I seem to be having one of those nights that my emotions are just running wild and wreaking havoc on me. Third year anniversary of my wife’s death was in march. School started in August and I can’t believe my son is in high school and she is not here to see it. He has gone from this short little chubby cheeked baby to an almost 6 foot tall size 11 shoe wearing young man. My daughter is 6 going on 24. She has so much of her mom in her it’s scary. Full of her mom’s stubborn streak and sarcastic sass.

And to top it all off one of my close friends was killed at the beginning of August. With grief there are so many things that run through your head, feeling guilty about his death is one of them. I got him started riding motorcycles and he was killed while riding. Though it wasn’t his fault, he was rear ended into the back of a semi by a driver that was on their phone. Which makes me angry that more states don’t allow lane splitting, or stricter laws about using phones while driving and he might still be alive.

I know that God isn’t supposed to give us anymore than we can handle. But between losing a lot of my loved ones and my constant medical issues I can’t seem to figure out why it feels like he is continually pushing me to my brink.


print(Hello World)

For the last few months I have been trying desperately to teach myself a programming language, python in particular.  I started out trying Code Academy which up to a point was great.  But with my dyslexia reading as a means of learning is terribly difficult for me.

I tried quite a few Youtube channels and a couple different Udemy courses but nothing seemed to click for me.  Yesterday I found a new Udemy course called “The Python Bible, Everything you need to know”.  Hats off to Ziyad Yehia, he has a kind of enthusiasm that just gets you pumped to learn.


My Technical Background~

I have worked in the information technology field for most of my life.  I never went to college I started working right out of high school.  I started out running cable for a local telecommunications company.  With my passion for learning and lets be honest here, my shite job of running cable I was quickly moved to the ISP that they opened.

I started going out and setting up new user accounts, configuring dialup for them.  When I wasn’t doing that I was doing over the phone tech support.  Being introverted most of my life this was a lot to get used to.  Surprisingly I thought I did pretty well, I had my issues with pushy customers but over all I receive praise not complaints.  As we started growing as a company I started taking on more responsibilities.  I started learning how to add user accounts to our BSD servers.  Having knowledge of DOS commands picking up these basic commands wasn’t too difficult.  During this time I also took some classes on HTML programming and start making websites for small business customers of ours.

I learned during this time I learned that I had a much bigger strength for system administration than creative design.  So I stared to learn as much as I could about the Unix operating system.  This is where I first found Slackware.  Slackware was the first Linux distribution I found that I could successfully install myself and run.  I remember printing out so many how-to’s from the Linux documentation project trying to learn how to set everything up from X11 to dialup.

Since then I slowly worked my way up from desktop support to eventual system administration.  Though all of these positions were in Windows shops I was still working my way up the ladder while continuing to use Linux in my personal life.

I have had some interesting jobs a long the way. Some I have enjoyed others not, but I try to take what I can and learn from it and move on.  I worked for a contractor that made porn websites, I’ve done data entry and tier one internet support for GTE, I was a printer operator at a custom greeting card company where I got to design and make my own wedding invitations, and I have worked for a startup that sold internet service and telco systems to businesses.

After working in this area for so long I have decided to make some major changes and retrain myself.  I am trying to teach myself programming which is what my next post will be about.